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Operate with Efficiency and Confidence

Thank you for visiting our website. Please navigate to our Contact Page for contact information about the Mobile Integrated Flight Operation System (MIFOS).

MIFOS will save time and increase operational efficiency and confidence, increase profits with every flight by keeping in touch with all aspects of flight operations from flights in progress to operating P/L for each pairing of flight. As data is received, it is immediately processed and be viewed in real time on a PC, TV, Laptop or iPad screen with the touch of a computer key. If you have any inquiries, comments and/or suggestions, please navigate to our
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SKYDANCE AIR, Inc. provides other services:

SKYDANCE AIR, Inc. also provides consultation related to FAR Part 135 and small to medium size supplemental FAR Part 121 air carrier operations as well as acquisitioning transfer plans in accordance with
FAR 8900.1.  


Skydance Air offers Kachina Air, Inc. - a CFR Part 135 for sale:

Company to be certified for a full 14 CFR Part 135 air carrier certificate authorized for ten or more passenger operations – acquisition cost $305,000.00 upon certification.  It is in the final demonstration phase with maintenance (GMM) and operations (GOM) demo meetings completed with a CFR 135.299 Line Check remaining before issuance of Op Specs.  The company will be offered for acquisition as a turnkey operation.

 The company is looking for a King Air or BE-200 aircraft to complete its final 135.299 certification phase and will be fully certified upon sale. Buyer may select another model aircraft best suited for their business model and mission profile.

 Buyer is responsible for the cost of buyer’s own aircraft lease, insurance, aircraft CFR 135 conformity maintenance/inspections and pilot ground and flight training. Owner of company will cover the cost of the proving and evaluation run if the aircraft is configured for greater than 10-passenger seats for turbine aircraft and negotiable for jet aircraft. 

Certification timeline, depending on whether Buyer has an aircraft which conforms to 14 CFR 135 specifications, can conceivably be approved within 30 days depending on the FSDO’s available schedule.

The following is an overview of items included:

• Electronic Manual System (A061)  
• Electronic Record Keeping; (A025). No hardcopy flight and maintenance logs in the cockpit

• Master Manual Electronic Manual System

• Maintenance and Operations stored and accessible via the company Microsoft OneDrive portal

• Maintenance and Operational Control communications established via aircraft specific E-address and Adobe based functionality.  Maintenance and Operations Pre-Flight documentations required for the pilot are available on the iPad Adobe directory file system.

• EFB eliminating hard copies of all required manuals in the cockpit

• Log sheets and maintenance documents hard copies in the cockpit are eliminated
• License for unlimited usage of SkyTrax - a Mobile Integrated Flight Operations System  
• Electronic Flight Bag Training Program
• Hazmat Program (Non-Carriage)
• Deice Program
• International Flight Operations Manual
• PRIA program and VDRP program

• Antidrug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program - web-based
• General Operations Manual
• General Maintenance Manual

• Weight and Balance Program

• Minimum Equipment List
• Non-essential Furnishings Program (NEF)
• Pilot Training Manual

• Pilot web-based distance training program

• Flight Attendant Training Manual and,

• Several Approved Aircraft Specific Ground and Simulator Flight Training Providers


Owner may provide consultation and assistance after sale for a short period of time during a transition period depending on situation