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Operate with Efficiency and Confidence

Thank you for visiting our website. Please navigate to our Contact Page for contact information about the Mobile Integrated Flight Operation System (MIFOS).

MIFOS will save time and increase operational efficiency and confidence, increase profits with every flight by keeping in touch with all aspects of flight operations from flights in progress to operating P/L for each pairing of flight. As data is received, it is immediately processed and be viewed in real time on a PC, TV, Laptop or iPad screen with the touch of a computer key. If you have any inquiries, comments and/or suggestions, please navigate to our
inquiries page

SKYDANCE AIR, Inc. provides other services:

SKYDANCE AIR, Inc. also provides consultation related to FAR Part 135 and small to medium size supplemental FAR Part 121 air carrier operations as well as acquisitioning transfer plans in accordance with
FAR 8900.1.  


Flight Operation Management Software for Air Charter Operators Worldwide

SKYDANCE AIR, Inc. is pleased to provide the commercial, general aviation, corporate flight departments, and aircraft owners and flying clubs with an opportunity to save time, increase efficiency, performance and save money. In this highly competitive market, the use of automated data processing eliminates time-consuming data base entry tasks is integral to your success. This freedom will allow you to focus on other important aspects of your operation. This can be accomplished by connecting to our
Mobile Integrated Flight Operation System (MIFOS).

MIFOS updates all flight operations, provides flight surveillance, pilot records, aircraft flight hours and cycles, develops statistical data for the purpose of operational optimization, aircraft dispatch and completion reliability, revenue vs. non-revenue flights and operating P/L.

MIFOS is driven by the flight crew input data into a mobile device (iPhone, BlackBerry or iPad). No further data entry is necessary. This eliminates costly time-consuming and error-prone data entries for operational record keeping, company revenue production, and tracking of operating profit/loss. The system automates compliance record keeping in accordance with the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s). Pilots and flight attendants may track, view, and print their flight records covering any period with their smart phone.

With MIFOS you may track flight operations from any place on the globe on your iPad or laptop while on the move.


Please click here to view and print the MIFOS Flow Chart and Overview and Functionality.

The customers have full control of the online stored flight records segmented under encrypted password protection. The flight operation records are stored in a secured server on the Internet and may be accessed at any time. MIFOS is running on a robust operating system, Linux. This system is maintained and supported by Internet Service Providers (ISP).

MIFOS’s user base is comprised of commercial and general aviation air carrier operators within FAR Part 121, FAR 135, FAR 125, FAR 91, FAR 41 flight schools, flying clubs and corporate flight operations and individual aircraft owners.

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Email Skydance Air, Inc. at info@skydanceiar.com to learn more about the Mobile Integrated Flight Operation System. You can save time and increase efficiency, earning greater profits with every flight. For inquiries, comments and/or suggestions, navigate to our inquiries page.


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